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Historian, writer, and someone who often gets lost in the archives... occasionally on purpose. I also suffer from a mid-Atlantic accent whenever I cross the ocean.

I ♥ Paris

Horrible things have happened tonight in one of my favourite cities.  I was there this past July, having one of the most relaxing and romantic of times — as hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people do in Paris … Continue reading

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If I Picked The Winners… The New Cabinet

Election night two weeks ago was like the Oscars for poli-sci junkies in Canada.  Millions of us stayed up far into the night to see who would win, even though fairly early on in the night, it was kind of … Continue reading

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Spine-tinglers: A Truly Creepy Childhood Hallowe’en

It’s October 31st and beautifully sunny.  That means I can actually write this brief post without looking over my shoulder half a dozen times or panicking as soon as I hear an unfamiliar creek in the apartment. Hallowe’en as an … Continue reading

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“There’s No Getting Away From It If You’re Irish”: Gender, The Irish Diaspora, and Gone With The Wind

It might be the most famous rejection in literary history. Aware too late that she has made a horrible mistake for the past dozen years, Scarlett O’Hara Hamilton Kennedy Butler runs through the mist to tell Rhett that she loves … Continue reading

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Burning Convictions – Getting Fiery about Canadian Politics

A week from now, we might have a new country. Well, okay, not a new country, but certainly one with a different outlook for the future. The federal election is set for October 19th and for weeks the pollsters have … Continue reading

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The “Cultural Compatibility” of “Old-Stock Canadians”

Two men walk into a bar. Both are cynical, though one is certainly more flamboyant than the other. They order single malt whisky and begin to break down the problems of the world; in particular, they discuss the merits (or … Continue reading

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“Kings are killed, Mr Garrison” ~ The Kennedy Craze Fifty Years On

The moment of silence has just been called for in Dealey Plaza.  The bells are ringing.  It’s been fifty years to the minute since John Fitzgerald Kennedy was shot to death. I was born eighteen years after the Kennedy Assassination.  … Continue reading

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