Sir Mark Brydon

First post — first thoughts…

1) I probably shouldn’t have started writing this while also watching The State Within — if you haven’t seen this BBC/BBC America production, you need to get a copy of it immediately.  I believe this falls into the category of me qualifying anything with British and/or Irish content as being “research”.  Oh, dear.

2) I believe, at last count, that I now have six projects on the go beyond my weekly tally of lectures.  This will certainly be the place where I sort out my thoughts on all of them.

3) Is there such a thing as north Atlantic masculinty/ies?  If no, why not, given the immense history of travel, trade and family ties between the nations of northern Europe and North America; if yes, how on earth do we begin to qualify it, particularly in terms of its historical context?  Small questions often end up requiring large books…

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Historian of the Irish Diaspora and masculinities, wife, mother, lover of good books, red wine, fine whiskies, pop culture aficionado, and Star Wars wonk.
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